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    • Release date:2014-10-03Coach Zhang Ping'an
      Briefly:Zhang Ping'an Teacher is the Chinese Wushu Doctor of Shanghai University of sport. He is the coach of Shanghai Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre and Taichi Teacher ofSapph [Detailed]
    • Release date:2014-10-03Coach Chen Ruqing
      Briefly:Teacher Chen Ruqing is a Tai Chi & Xing Yi Master and now is Chief Coach of Tai Chi Qi Gong Academy of USA and consultant of Shanghai TaiChi Kung Fu Ce [Detailed]
    • Release date:2014-10-03Master Wang Jixiu
      Briefly:Master Wang Jixiu is the 11th Chen Style Tai Chi inheritor and he is also XingYi & Bagua Master. He has taught Tai Chi, Xing Yi & Bagua for more than 40 [Detailed]
    • Release date:2014-10-01Wang Kaiyuan(Chief Coach)
      Briefly:Master Wang Kaiyuan graduated from Shanghai University of Sport with Chinese Wushu Master degreee. He is the 12th Successor of Chen Style Tai Chi and the Tai Ch [Detailed]