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    Tai Chi & Kung Fu Private Lesson (one person or small group)

    • Price:500.00
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    Shanghai Tai Chi Centre offer Private lesson for people who wanna learn Tai Chi Kung Fu in Shanghai. You can make an appointment with our centre with any time you wanna take the private lesson.


    Fee: 500RMB/hour if you can come to our centre

            600RMB/hour~1000RMB/hour for coach going to your place to teach

            4000RMB/session (ten times) for coming to learn Tai Chi in our centre  


    Small Group : Shanghai Tai Chi Centre offer Tai Chi Kung Fu taste class for any group who like Tai Chi Kung Fu Traditional Culture.


    Shanghai Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre ( HunYuan Tai Chi ) 


    Coach Wang(TEL) :(+86)18221171148; 18817351847 


    Coach Meng(TEL):(+86)18817351847




    Email: wangzisheng999@hotmail.com


    Wechat Platform:wangzisheng999(上海太极拳培训学习中心)