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    Chinese Tai Chi Kung Fu Activity for Foreigners

    • Price:4000.00
    A detailed description of

    Shanghai Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre offer Tai Chi & Kung Fu Activity for


    foreigners' group in Shanghai. Teaching Tai Chi Kung Fu in English.



    A. Tai Chi Activity Taste lesson


    B. Qi Gong Activity Taste lesson


    C. Shao Lin  Kung Fu Taste lesson



    Guests can choose one or more lessons to take and learn. 


    The Chinese Tai Chi Kung Fu Activity Basic Schedule: 


     2 hours Chinese Tai Chi Kung Fu Activity


    <1>. 5min        Chinese Tai Chi Introduction with a Chinese Traditional story

    <2>. 3~5 min   Tai Chi KungFu Performance with Chinese Traditional Music

    <3>. 10 min        Tai Chi QI Breath Learning

    <4>. 45~50 min   Tai Chi Basic Skills Learning

    <5>. 20 min        Tai Chi Push-hands Learning (Interaction Part)

    <6>. 30~40min   Shao Lin Kung Fu Basic Skills Learning

    <7>. 30 min        Team-Building Tai Chi Performance Competition


    Chinese Tai Chi is a martial art and also a sport for competition and fitness. It has a long history in China. It's originated from ancient shooting and sword techniques, compiling with our body structure and the way nature runs.


    The movements of Tai Chi are both natural and elegant. You can feel the rhythm of music, the ideas of philosophy and the art of poems. In this high-class sport, sickness goes away and health comes.


    Nowadays, people who practice Tai Chi are all over China. You can see Tai Chi fans in parks, on streets and in stadiums.

    Tai Chi is also welcomed abroad. As a special Chinese national sport, it has attracted many foreign friends.


    Shanghai Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre ( HunYuan Tai Chi ) 


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    Why choose us?


    More than 300 Successful Tai Chi Kung Fu Activity Experience


    Work with More than tens of foreign companies and Serve as Chief Coach  


    Master Wang Kaiyuan teach the group in English personally


    Choose your own lessons and satisfy guests' demanding 


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